Nilanjan Mitra

The primary interest of this group is to perform Multiphysics Multiscale investigation of Materials. The type of materials investigated involves metals, ceramics, polymers, minerals, composites and even fluids. Multiphysics investigations involves investigation of mechanical, thermal and optical characteristics of the materials. Multiscale involves studies of materials at various length scales spanning continuum to atomistic scale (where electronic contributions are significant). Primarily our group is interested in extreme loading situations such as that of shock wave interaction and/or projectile impact; however, we also do study behavior of materials under different types of loading conditions including quasistatic situations. Some examples of our study includes planetary defense (as in DART mission by NASA) to free energy landscape determination of energetic materials.

Associate Research Professor
Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute (HEMI)
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Johns Hopkins University
Malone Hall, Room. 121
3400 N. Charles Str, Baltimore, MD 21218

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Looking for postdoc students with backgrounds in Quantum Chemistry, DFT, Tight binding DFT, Time dependent DFT, ab-initio Molecular dynamics.

Postdoc candidates please email directly to [email protected] with your cv.

  • Ph.D.  – Civil Engineering, 2001-January 2007.  (Emphasis: Computational Structural Mechanics)
    University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA
  • M. Tech. – Ocean Engineering, 1999-2001, (Emphasis: Applied Mechanics)
    Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India & Technische Universität, Darmstadt, Germany
  • B.E.  – Civil Engineering, 1994-1998, (Emphasis: Structural Engineering)
    Bengal Engineering & Science University, Shibpur, West Bengal, India
  • Associate Research Professor in Johns Hopkins University, USA (2020 – )
  • Visiting Associate Research Professor in Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute, Johns Hopkins University, USA (2019)
  • Associate Professor in Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India (2016 – 2021)
  • Visiting Researcher in Technische Universitaet Darmstadt, Germany (2016)
  • Visiting Researcher in Carnegie Mellon University, USA (2015)
  • Assistant Professor in Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India  (2009-2015)
  • Faculty in CalPoly, San Luis Obispo, USA (2006 – 2009)
  • Delamination response of adhesive bonded metal-FRP patches – PI. Funding Source: Office of Naval Research [ONR # N00014-22-1-2692]. Dates: 08/2022 – 08/2025.
  • Physics of shock wave propagation through air and water medium – P.I., Funding Source: Office of Naval Research Global, 2018-2021 – Completed. [ONR #N62909-18-1-2057] Amount: USD 98,286.
  • Development of smooth particle hydrodynamics (SPH) capability for naval applications – Co-P.I., Funding Source: Naval Research Board, India, 2018-2021 – Completed. Amount: INR 47,35,966.
  • Cavitation bubble dynamics near wettability tailored surfaces – Co-P.I., Funding Source: Naval Research Board, India, 2019-2021 – Completed. [NRB-4003/PG/453]. Amount: INR 80,10,300.
  • Engineered cementitious composites – a replacement of conventional concrete for sustainable infrastructure – P.I., Funding Source: Ministry of Human Resources India, 2014-2019 – Completed. Amount: INR 73,24,000.
  • Response mitigation of structures subjected to projectile impact using sandwich composite technology – P.I., Funding Source: Challenge Seed Grant IIT Kharagpur, 2014-2017 – Completed. Amount: INR 25,00,000.
  • Real time detection of face/core debond initiation and interfacial delamination propagation morphology in sandwich composite panels using fiber-optic Bragg grating sensors – P.I., Funding Source: Indian Space Research Organization, India, 2014-2017 – Completed. Amount: INR 49,80,000.
  • Underwater non-contact explosive response of marine grade sandwich composite panels – P.I., Funding Source: Naval Research Board, India, 2011-2015 – Completed. [NRB-226/HYD/10-11] Amount: INR 72,50,000.
  • Assessment of various strategies of seating arrangements for Indian Rail Coaches from the viewpoint of occupants safety – Co P.I., Funding Source: Research Design and Standards Organization, Ministry of Rail, India, 2012-2014. – Completed. Amount: INR 29,52,400.
  • Improving mechanical performance and delamination resistance in sandwich composite panels – P.I., Funding Source: Dept. of Science and Technology, India, 2011-2014 – Completed. [SR/S3/MERC-035/2010] Amount: INR 24,60,000.
  • Reduction of skin-core delamination from the core in the composite sandwich panels for naval structures – P.I., Funding Source: Office of Naval Research, USA, 2009 – Completed. [ONR # N00014-08-1-1209] Amount: USD 65,000.
  • A novel model for sandwich panels in marine structures: face plate with shear keys – P.I., Funding Source: Office of Naval Research, USA, 2008 – Completed. [ONR #N00014-07-1-1152] Amount: USD 56,000.

@ Johns Hopkins

  • EN.530.673 – Introduction to Molecular and Atomistic modeling and simulation
  • EN.535.737 – Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Mechanical Systems
  • EN.560.604 – Introduction to Solid Mechanics
  • EN.530.611 – Composite Materials

@ IIT Kharagpur

  • CE 10001 – Mechanics

  • CE 13001  – Engineering Drawing and Computer Graphics

  • CE 20101 – Introduction to Civil Engineering and Materials

  • CE 39006 – Structural Detailing Lab

  • CE 39007 – Concrete Laboratory

  • CE 69019 – Structures Lab I

  • CE 69021 – CAD Lab

  • CE 60041 – Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity

  • CE 60058 – Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis

  • CE 60122 – Fluid-Structure Interaction

  • TS 61004 – Nano-Mechanics

  • TS 70009 – Methods in Molecular Simulations

@ CalPoly San Luis Obispo

  • CE 355 – Reinforced Concrete Design

  • CE 207 – Mechanics of Materials

  • CE 351 – Structural Analysis

  • CE 259 – Civil Engineering Materials

PhD Students (@ IIT Kgp):

  • Dr. Ritwik Ghoshal (Degree conferred 2015). Non-contact explosion induced shock wave response of structures. Currently – Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India in Department of Ocean Engineering (after postDoc at NUS, Singapore).
  • Dr. Alak Patra (Degree conferred 2018). Identification and mitigation of interfacial delamination in sandwich structures. Currently – Senior Lecturer, University of Technology, Papua New Guinea.
  • Dr. Anupam Neogi (Degree conferred 2018). Materials under extreme conditions: An atomistic study of shock compression. Currently – R&D Engineer, ANSYS (after postdoc at University of Rochester, USA followed by postdoc at Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation, Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany)
  • Dr. Prodip Sarkar (Degree conferred 2020). Structure property relationship of cement constituents under various loading conditions: An Atomistic approach. Currently – PostDoc at University of Basque Country, Spain.
  • Dr. Sutapa Deb (Degree conferred 2021). Fiber reinforced Cementitious composite materials. Currently – PostDoc student at Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai. 
  • Dr. Suma Sindhu (Degree conferred 2021). Investigation of physical properties of epoxy resin (DGEBA/TETA) under extreme environmental conditions. 
  • Dr. Sridhar Reddy Kasu (Degree conferred 2023) [Shared with Prof. A. Reddy]. Numerical and experimental investigation of cast-in-situ short paneled concrete pavements with lean concrete base. Currently – Associate Professor, Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology, India.
  • Dr. Dipak Prasad (Degree conferred 2024) Role of hydrogen bonding in physical and chemical property characterization of materials: An atomistic approach. Currently – PostDoc Student at Johns Hopkins University

PostDoc Students:

  • Sunil Rawat (PhD in Physics from BARC, India – Atomistic Simulation group)
  • Shyamal Mondal (PhD in Physics from IIT Kgp – Photonics group)
  • Satya Pratap Singh (PhD in Physics from IIT Kgp – Photonics group)
  • Kajal Mondal (PhD in Physics from IIT Kgp – Photonics group)

PostDoc students @ Hopkins

  • Dipak Prasad (MD, DFT, Quantum chemistry simulations)
  • DAAD Fellowship (German Govt.) for Research Stay (2 months) at Darmstadt Technological University, Germany.
  • Raman Fellowship (by Ministry of Human Resources, India) for 6 month research at Carnegie Mellon University, USA. 
  • DAAD fellowship (German Govt.) for Research at Masters level (9 months) at Darmstadt Technological University, Germany.

Incorporated changes and modification to the mechanism based Integrative model developed for Ceramics under projectile impact. This has been developed under the MEDE program ( ) funded by the US Army. The main PI of the project was Prof. KT Ramesh at Johns Hopkins University.

Introduced Shear-panel, Pinching4, Bar-Slip, Concrete04 material models and Beam-Column Joint element models in OpenSees environment ( as a graduate student working under Prof. Laura Lowes at University of Washington, Seattle, USA.

  • RIBE Electroarmaturen, GMBH and Co., Germany Research Trainee, Jan 2001-Feb 2001
  • Consulting Engineering Services (India) Ltd.Structural Design Engineer, 1998- 1999
  • Stup Consultants Ltd, India. – Trainee Engineer, Summer 1997
  • Assessment of structural health of silo for storage of cement, Salboni, West Bengal.
  • Vetting design of Railway loco-shed floors at Bondamumda, Rourkella, Odisha.
  • Vetting design of box culvert bridge structure, Santragachi, West Bengal.
  • Vetting design of FRP cooling towers, Paharpur, West Bengal. 
  • Vetting design of multimodal port Terminal at Haldia, West Bengal
  • Vetting design of Railway Workshop at Badnera, Gujarat.
  • Feasibility study of Iso-kinetic stack sampling in existing stacks of Kolaghat thermal Power station, West Bengal.
  • Vetting design of Pultruded FRP cooling towers for Indian Farmers Fertilizers cooperative limited at Kalol, Gujarat
  • Vetting design of canal structure for Teesta Irrigation project, West Bengal.
  • Determination of chemical composition of different powder cement samples, LASA Associates for Majerhat project, West Bengal.
  • Assessment of structural soundness after an explosion of a Magazine building at Chandipur, Balasore, Odisha.